Social Media Basics


A Facebook page is a presence that can be customized for your business allowing interaction with Facebook users. The Page focuses on content managed by the Page administrators.

Real friends on Facebook become brand advocates for you by becoming a Fan of your page. Posts by the page appear in your Fans News Feed giving your page a stronger voice.

Facebook is the most popular social media web site and considered by many to be a "must have" for any business or salesperson. Facebook is also the best place to start your social media marketing campaign.


Twitter is a free, fast growing, popular social networking service. It allows users to keep other Twitter users up to date with what an individual or company is doing by sending "tweets". A tweet is a message consisting of 140 characters or less. It utilizes a combination of an instant messenger service, the web, mobile texting and other venues. Twitter can be linked to other social media sites, blogs and websites. Most people use Twitter to update their friends on their status or posting interesting links however some people use it for marketing. There is a danger of over using Twitter.


MySpace is a very popular social site for young people and at this time is not considered a viable option for most businesses launching a social media marketing campaign.


A Blog (web log) is a web site used to post articles written about a subject of interest. Blogs require a good deal of time commitment by the blogger (writer) maintaining fresh articles for the blog as well as responding to posts, promotion, and staying abreast of news and issues related to the blogs subject matter. It's an excellent way for an individual or company to tell about their topic of interest and interact with the blogs followers.


Many other social media sites exist, some specialize in limited forms of content.

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